My You by Jung Kook



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    1. 7 Purple Butterflies

      Jungkook's voice is so beautiful and the song itself is a MASTERPIECE

    2. BeJungkook

      I find it funny that 𝙅𝙐𝙉𝙂𝙆𝙊𝙊𝙆 doesn’t sing to be on charts or trends, he sings because it’s his passion and he genuinely loves it. He is in it for the MUSIC. You can tell from the way he randomly and quietly uploaded this without even saying anything. But yet… he still ends up trending #1 worldwide anyway. The world will always respond to his talent.

    3. Sol Park

      Jungkookie tienes el don de sanar corazones, salvaste y salvas el mio. AMO tu voz tan dulce, me relajo tanto

    4. ⟭⟬BTS ARMY⟬⟭

      nice song

    5. Minhee Kim

      Can feel that the lyrics comes from JK's deep down of the heart. Just perfectly BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to JK for this mind blowing song.

    6. Camila fierro escalona

      Beautiful Song, Jk He has a beautiful voice, this song makes me daydream and fall in love with his soft and sweet voice. He is a very special man.

    7. Mikrokosmos♡

      This is very touching.. it's so great to have a song that brings ARMY and BTS together.. it must be very emotional and full of great feelings...

    8. kavtoM7

      "The members of BTS have been running since their debut. Perhaps going forward they’ll slow their sprint to a jog, or maybe even ease into a gentle walk someday. No matter how they move forward, though, they’re sure to have their beloved ARMY beside them every step of the way. They made a promise, after all - and, when considering all they’ve done so far, it’s hard not to believe that the best from BTS is really still yet to come." - Mary Siroky

    9. Cuteevope

      Jungkook, gracias por tan hermosa melodía. Eres un increíble cantante, te amo!

    10. Yasmin Méndez

      Una hermosa canción, una voz increíble, un hombre bellísimo física y sentimentalmente, alguna otra razón para amarlo y apoyarlo? JK felicidades por tu gran trabajo

    11. 니시무라니키

      I love you Jungkook, you are my shining sun after a storm, you are my calm, my peace, my safe place, my angel 🏡🌷

    12. زنو 𐤀

      The song conveys Jungkook's feelings to us. He's really great at describing how he feels about us. We're really lucky to have him in our lives

    13. _hopekooker

      Still with “you” / My “you “ the way jungkook mention us in the title of his songs is so precious

    14. Made AlmeidaC

      Me llega al alma en realidad..Que bello regalo por parte de Jungkook ,que linda letra es Perfecta en lo absoluto.

    15. Evelyn

      La voz de Jungkook es asombrosa, jamás me cansaré de escucharla

    16. Yacchan


    17. Cheri Mint Blue

      Waiting for Jungkook's album, a compilation of all his solo songs. Can't wait for that. I just hope he will be given more promotions of his songs. 😍

    18. 7 Purple Butterflies

      I can't afford how beautiful his voice is!!!

    19. Somiha Maji

      I will keep coming here everytime whenever I feel like crying over life. It is healing even after infinite times. I don't deserve you jungkook, you are really unreal.😊

    20. yayah

      jungkook's voice was everything in this world i love him so much :(