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    1. mark jefferson dave

      RM we love you and we will support you all army's always by your side, spring day such a great and beautiful song that makes me emotional .

    2. #Drushati_Sharma

      ""Dear parents: Just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn't mean they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they are watching this masterpiece..

    3. army & bts

      Spring Day is such a beautiful song , I can't describe the feelings I feel everytime I listen to it

    4. Puja _

      "Everyone, if we wait, spring does come"- RM

    5. Taif Alkaabi

      I don’t know why I cried remembering the song 😭😭😭😭😭

    6. furro tuber 😎

      Like si respetas gustos de otros

    7. Purple roses

      Spring Day is such a beautiful song, I can't describe the feelings I feel everytime I listen to it

    8. Talha gaming

      Spring Day is such a beautiful song, l can't describe the feelings I feel everytime I listen to it

    9. 리사Lissa


    10. Fatzey👽


    11. Lara Inara farisha Jaafar

      Namjon I one namber you😚😚😚😚😚

    12. Hyunjin Kim

      This song is just beautiful and sometimes it’s hard to recover from things that have happened, even if it was nearly three years ago at this point. It makes me feel like I don’t have to be guilty for missing them, but still being happy for them and knowing they feel much better now. I love you girl, thank you for the rainfall today.

    13. valeria gtz

      👇Like si no te gusta bts (sorry si algunos les guta)

    14. btsarmyashu07

      Namjooni don't be emotional😭

    15. simi

      i love love love joonie’s interpretation of spring, it allowed for this masterpiece to come alive, thank u namjoon <3

    16. t._. taeyung baby love

      Amo a los BTS ❤️👌😍🥰😘🤩

    17. ケイタロチャンネル

      It's a selling name! Excuse me!

    18. Julio Bonilla vargas

      Like si te gusta,BTS,

    19. Smart Nest

      I'm so happy that RM is finally getting all the love he deserves! He's more precious than the world's weight of diamonds ✨😌

    20. Radhekrishna_My Soul ♡

      I can’t express my feelings but this “Spring Day” song gives me another level of feelings!!! 😌♡